Kabi Energy
Solar in South Africa

South Africa is well positioned to take advantage of solar energy and is regarded as having the second best solar resource globally, behind the Mojave Desert region of California. Most of the country has a high incidence of sunshine per annum and its latitude is such that solar energy is more efficient in South Africa than it is in countries such as Spain where there is a developed solar generation industry.

As a technology, solar PV is particularly due to a number of technical and socio-economic factors:

  • Solar PV projects are scalable and can readily fit the needs of the transmission grid in specific locations. Accordingly, the capacity of solar PV projects can feasibly be sized between 5 and 10 MWp.
  • Solar PV is a relatively simple technology with few moving parts, even when tracking technology is applied. This makes the technology fit for purpose in harsh South African conditions.
  • Solar PV technology can be deployed rapidly. With some equipment suppliers boasting construction rates of up to 1 MWp per week, this technology is probably the fastest of all renewable technologies to progress from financial close to commercial operations.
  • PV is the most bankable of the solar technologies and we believe that in South Africa, will be some of the projects that will face the least challenges to raising debt and equity finance.
  • Solar PV has a limited water requirement, which is attractive in South Africa’s water constrained environment.