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 what is cleantech
energy generation energy storage energy infrastructure energy efficiency water & waste water air & environment Recycling/waste agriculture
wind fuel cells management lighting water treatment clean up/safety recycling natural pesticides
solar advanced batteries transmission buildings conservancy emissions control waste management land management
hydro/marine hybrid systems glass wastewater management monitoring/compliance aquaculture
biofuels others trading/offsets

 clean technology
Clean technology or “cleantech” is a term used to describe knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. Its origin is the increased consumer, regulatory and industry interest in clean forms of energy generation—specifically, perhaps, the rise in awareness of climate change and the impact on the natural environment from the burning of fossil fuels.

Year Investment
(in USD million)
2001 506,8
2002 883,2
2003 1258,6
2004 1398,3
2005 2077,5
2006 4520,2
2007 6087,2
2008 8414,3

Annual investment in the cleantech sector*
(N America, Europe, China, Israel, India)
*Source: Cleantech Group

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